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Membership T&C’s

The cricket league starts at the beginning of May until the end of August. Practice matches are played in the month of April. Membership at the club is valid for one season from the date of joining. New members are asked to pay 50% of the membership fees at the time of joining. No Membership fees will be deducted if you join mid-season / moving halfway through the season or unable to play due to injury. Membership can be cancelled no later than the last date of December of a current season

Membership Costs

Membership costs are calculated every year. The payment can be made to the club’s official bank account. This can be obtained on request.We also offer you the option of paying the membership fee in two instalments. This does incur extra costs.

Type of MembershipCosts (in €)
Youth (till 15 years)€100,-
Training member€75,-
Membership costs – 2024

Cancellation of Membership / Transfers

If cancellation has not taken place in time, membership will continue until 31 December of the next season.

  • If cancellation takes place before 31 December, no membership fee for the next season is due.
  • For all cancellations after 31 December, 100% of the normal contribution including increase(s) must be paid.

Transfer from another club:

If you plan to come and play for Cricket Club Zwolle next year and you have played for another cricket club in the past season(s), you have to apply for a transfer. This transfer has been established by the KNCB to ensure fair competitions. To transfer, please fill in the form.