Cricket Club Zwolle

A multicultural and diverse cricket club that strives to make cricket more accessible and inclusive to all.

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The cricket season in the Netherlands starts in the month of May and ends in early September.

During the summer months we enjoy cricket on our beautiful ground, whereas during the winter period we work on our skills indoors.


Cricket Club Zwolle is a sports association with members.

The year of the association is from January 1st to December 31st.

Club membership is implicitly renewed each year, following the year of the club.

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Have you always wanted to know what cricket is, or do you already play cricket but want to introduce your coworkers to it? Cricket clinics for large and small groups are organized by Cricket Club Zwolle.

Everyone becomes more and more enthralled when they realize it takes some effort and is a pretty energetic sport. As a result, It is always an endeavor in which all of the aspects, such as batting, bowling, and fielding, may be put into effect.

All our trainers play cricket themselves so they can show what the sport is about, how it is played and what to look out for.

We can put together the entire event according to your wishes. We are also happy to organize clinics for schools. Let students get acquainted with another sport. For information clinics and demonstration activities: Jawad Bawar (


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Are you looking for a way to promote your company?

This season, Cricket Club Zwolle is looking for local sponsorships. Please contact us for additional details.

Match bal sponsor

As cricket fans, you may once again sponsor a cricket ball in 2022 and show your support for Cricket Club Zwolle and its players. Especially during this trying time for your club. There are a variety of ways to register for your favorite match for only €15 per ball this season. Thank you for your continued support for Cricket Club Zwolle.

Your support allows us to keep providing the greatest cricket facilities and instruction to our players at the current level. Please accept my heartfelt gratitude in advance.